Poppin' Pickles

If you’re a diehard pickle-head, get ready to have your tastebuds blown when these Gupperz Poppin Pickles burst in your mouth with deliciously pucker-ific pickle juice! So close the jar and rip open this bag to say Yupperz! for these Gupperz!

BoBa Tea Blast!

If you love the taste of Boba Tea, your mind will be blown by the Gupperz Boba Tea Blast Experience! With FOUR Yummy Flavors, You’ll be saying Yupperz! for these Gupperz! Vanilla, Milk Tea, Matcha, and Strawberry

Sour Squirt Grenade

Indulge in a burst of sour sweetness with Gupperz Sour Squirt Grenade. Our gummy treat is filled with juicy, tangy apple flavor that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Experience the perfect balance of sour and sweet with every bite. Try it now!

Chocolate Milkano

When you take one bite into these Chocolate Milkano Gupperz, your mouth will experience all the chocolate glory of the world’s most delicious eruption!

Experience the thrill and you’ll be saying Yupperz! for these Gupperz!

Strawberry Milk Splash

What could be better than a deliciously fruity glass of Strawberry Milk? Find out when you experience the tongue-tingling treasure of a bursting Gupperz Strawberry Milk Splash and you’ll be saying Yupperz! for these Gupperz!

Confetti Cakesplosion

It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to feel like all of your wishes have come true when you bite into a Gupperz Confetti CakeSplosion! With a juicy strawberry flavored bursting center, you’ll be saying Yupperz! for these Gupperz!

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